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Your venue on offers a ‘home to every meeting’. Everything begins with our unique choice of venues for both current and future clients. We are looking forward to presenting your venue to all our clients for one of their single or multiple day meetings.

The experiences of venues that have joined us

"We experience the co-operation with as very pleasant, also thanks to the friendliness and pleasant way of communicating with us. stands out, because of the professional manner of requesting quotes, the accurate planning, and the great way of handling the financial aspects."

Gijs Hopman

Bar Beton

Nilay Cakir

Space to Create

Jenny Rennenberg


"It is always great to co-operate with The communication is handled very well. Short lines and the employees are easy to reach. The employees are also always eager to think along and come up with solutions. Both for the benefit of the customer (booker) and of the venues."

"The Meeting Experts of are very capable of identifying the customers’ wishes. In this way, we can always work up a good quote and this makes the process very easy! The quick and pleasant communication also contributes greatly to our pleasant cooperation. “ 


Select the package that best suits your venue and select ‘register’. You will soon receive an e-mail from our Venue Experts with a link to fill out the details of your venue, such as facilities, pictures and texts. Our marketing team will subsequently configure your venue page. As soon as it is live, our Venue Experts will inform you for a final check.

How do I register my venue on

Whenever one of our clients is looking to place a booking at your venue, we will be in touch to configure your ‘Business’ partnership with us. This partnership allows for a quick RFP service for all meeting requests, and your venue will then also be included in regional and (inter)national tenders. Whenever we place confirmed business with your venue, we charge a standard 12% commission over the net invoicing value.

What happens when I receive a booking?

We would regret to terminate our partnership and no longer welcome your venue in the ‘Home of Meetings’. However, we do believe that a partnership works both ways, thus must be good to both parties. That is why our Activate packages have a termination period of only one month, right from the first day. Exceptions may be explicitly agreed upon. 

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